Encapulation Carpet Cleaning Technoloy


Step 1: Pre-Inspection - identify type of carpet, difficult stains and discuss expected results 

Step 2: Vaccum - area to be cleaned will be thoroughly vacuumed using proper vacuuming  techniques.

Step 3: Pre Spray - top quality pre-condition is applied to break and suspend soil, this also begin the emulsification process.

Step 4: Pre Spot - Difficult stains will be treated with specialized solution to increase possibility of removal

Step 5: Agitation - Carpet will be thoroughly brushed with latest encapsulation using an approved professional brush to loosen soil from deep in carpet

Step 6: Soil Extraction - Our professional rotary machine and moistened pad is used to absorb the suspended soil

Step 7: Post Spot Cleaning - If any stains remains they will be treated again with spotting solution

Step 8: Post Groom - Carpets will be groomed with counter-rotating brush to lift piles and improve appearance 

Step 9: Post Inspection - Together we will evaluate the cleaning results to ensure you're completely satisfied. 

Advantages Of (VLM) Encapsulation Cleaning

Instantly Improve Overall Appearance of Carpet - Amazing Brightening Powers

Accelerated Cleaning and Drying Time - Usually 1-2 hrs to Dry

Zero Sticky Residue Left Behind - Clean Carpets that Stays Clean Longer

Quiet Operation

Commercial Carpet Maintenance 

Simply Put. Clean Carpets, Is Great For Business

Whenever a potential customer enters the front door of your business they will be observing their surroundings. Make a GREAT first impression, you will not get a 2nd chance. Let KELLEY CARPET CLEANING maintain you carpets by implementing a Routine Carpet Maintenance Program. 

Kelley Carpet Cleaning provides quality carpet and upholstery cleaning to the Waldorf, MD Area Including Military Installations and some surrounding cities.